Introducing b safe

While the great majority of our players approach wagering as a fun, social form of entertainment, we realize certain individuals need help curtailing their activity.

Known as b safe, we’ve developed a responsible gaming program that provides tools and resources if you’re concerned about wagering.


Wager Responsibly

b safe promotes a responsible wagering environment at all times. Through ongoing education and awareness, b safe looks to ensure that you legally wager in a healthy, mature fashion.

Our b safe program draws upon critical components of the National Council on Problem Gambling’s “Internet Responsible Gambling Standards.”

b safe Awareness

From the moment you sign up for a b spot Cash Account, options like self-imposed limits and self-exclusion are always available. In addition, we never market to you if you’re on a timeout.

Self-Manage Your Wagering

b safe gives you several ways to self-manage limits from your b spot profile page:

  1. Set Deposit Limits
  2. Set a Cool Down Timeout
  3. Self-Exclude From Wagering

You can regulate your play by clicking b safe on the menu or contact Player Services.


Set Deposit Limits

By going to your b safe page, you can self-limit the amount of money you deposit into your Cash Account. A deposit will set the time limit and funding cap you set in motion. Deposit limits can be adjusted with these provisions.

  • If you’re lowering the deposit amounts or extending the duration of time between deposits, that change will take effect immediately.
  • Limits begin upon deposit. Each added deposit will trigger a new start date for the time and amount limits set.
  • To increase the deposit amounts or decrease the duration of time between deposits, the current days setting must expire. For example, if your set duration of time between deposits is 10 days, and you’re on day five, you’ll need to wait another five days before you can decrease your days or increase your deposit limit. After the current deposit time limit expires, you can set a new limit BEFORE making a deposit. The adjusted limit begins upon your next deposit.

If you’d like help with self-imposed deposit limits, contact Player Services.


Set a Cool Down Timeout

You can temporarily suspend all wagering activity by setting a timeout on your b safe Account Profile. These self-set timeouts can last for any duration you choose. Once you set a timeout on your account it cannot be undone. You must wait the set timeout duration to expire before you are allowed to wager or play real money games. Your b safe Account Profile provides a countdown calendar with the date that your self-set timeout expires. After the timeout expires, you are free to resume all regular wager and play activities. There is no limit to the amount of timeouts you may set.

If you’d like help setting self-imposed timeouts, contact Player Services.


Self-Exclude From Wagering

If you’d like to stop all further wagering with, you can self-exclude and close your account permanently in two steps:

  1. Download GPN Self Exclusion form
  2. Fill out the form and return to b spot by mail, secure upload or fax.

All Self-exclusion requests must be made in writing. If this action is taken, the remaining money in your Cash Account will be returned to you and your account will be PERMANENTLY closed. You will never be allowed to re-open a closed account due to self-exclusion nor create a new account in the future. We’ll keep your self-exclusion request on file for the life of

Important: Self-exclusion can never be reversed.

Bsafe hand

Identifying a Problem

Who is a problem gambler?

The Mayo Clinic officially defines “compulsive gambling” as “the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on your life. Those prone to compulsive gambling chase losing bets, lie, hide their behavior and resort to theft or fraud.”

Self-assessment Questionnaire

Those concerned about wagering behavior can answer a “20 Questions” survey at Gambler’s Anonymous

Seeking Help

As part of b safe, encourages any individual who believes he or she may have a gambling problem, or suspects a family member or friend may have a problem, to immediately seek professional help. There are a number of national and local resources that can help assist those in need.

Self-Help Meetings

To find a Gamblers Anonymous meeting in your area, click here

Online Resources

National Telephone Hotlines

  • 1-800-GAMBLER (800-426-2537) - California Council on Problem Gambling
  • 1-855-2CALLGA (855-222-5542) - Gamblers Anonymous
  • 1-888 NO-JUEGO (888-665-8346) - Spanish speaking Gamblers Anonymous

By State

To find a Gam-Anon affiliated meeting nationwide, click here.