Getting Started

Creating a b Racing account is simple and safe. Here’s the best part: Your b Racing account automatically gives you entry to bspot – a high-octane world of real money games played on mobile devices.

One account, two ways to play.

Join the bspot revolution.
Before you start wagering, fund your account online by VISA, MasterCard, ACH Checking Account, or GreendDot® MoneyPak®. You can also send us a personal check. Visit our FAQ section for instructions and mailing information.
Wagering through b Racing is always safe and secure. Our handicapping products help you choose from a robust program of horse races happening at racetracks around the world.
One call does it all. To withdraw money from your cash balance, simply call Player Services at (503) 350-0231. We’ll send you a check in the mail. Or you can transfer funds online from your account directly into your saved ACH checking account.
For more information about how b Racing works, please visit our FAQ section.
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